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  • Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching
A guide to a systematic, direct, engaging, and success-oriented teaching style that has been shown to promote achievement for all students.

    Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching
    As educators, we all have the same goal—to help our students make the maximum possible academic gains in a positive, respectful environment that promotes their success and nurtures their desire to learn. One of the...
  • Tools and strategies for teaching vocabulary to children from grades K-5 from Dr. Anita Archer.

    Explicit Vocabulary Instruction: Words for Everyone
    Why Teach Vocabulary? Vocabulary is an integral part of language—both receptive (listening and reading) and expressive (speaking and writing). Words help us express emotion and ideas, learn new concepts, and...
  • Learn the "golden principles" of explicit instruction presented by Dr. Anita Archer in twelve short video segments of four to seven minutes in length. These videos are perfect for viewing in staff meetings as tools to spur discussion on best practice for teachers.

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    Golden Principles of Explicit Instruction
        Dr. Anita Archer covers the big ideas in explicit instruction in these short video segments about the Golden Principles of Explicit Instruction. Perfect to View During Staff Meetings! Use these engaging...
  • Assess teachers' organizational, instructional, and behavior management practices.

    Motivational Interviewing for Effective Classroom Management
    Designed for educators who work with school staff to improve behavior management at the classroom level, this book focuses on helping K–12 teachers increase their use of classroom management strategies that work. The...
  • Read Well Fluency Boosters Getting Started

    Read Well Fluency Boosters Getting Started
    Read Well Fluency Boosters is designed to give students in the Read Well curriculum a little added boost to fluency. Intended for use with Read Well 1, Read Well 1 PLUS, Read Well 2 Fluency Foundations, and Read Well 2, this...
  • Read Well Fluency Boosters Student Booklets 1-10

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    Read Well Fluency Boosters Student Booklets
    These student booklets accompany Read Well Fluency Boosters Getting Started. (Getting Started includes teacher materials, 2 sets of student booklets, required reproducibles, and optional targeted skill boosters. We recommend...
  • Save prep time with these 14 colorful posters, reflecting the lessons students learn in SMART Kids.

    SMART Kid Social Skills Posters
    Teach your students to be socially SMART! SMART posters reflect the skills taught in each unit of SMART Kids: A Safe & Civil Schools Social Skills Curriculum. A SMART poster illustrates a Social Story that provides...
  • A resource for teachers to help students learn essential social skills.

    SMART Kids: Social Grace, Manners, and Respectful Talk
    SMART Kids provides young children with instruction in social grace, good old-fashioned manners, and how to talk respectfully. These are the skills that hold young people in good stead as they move through the school system...
  • Equip substitute teachers with tools to prevent and handle misbehavior.

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    Stepping In: A Substitute's Guide to Managing Classroom Behavior
    Did you know that the typical high school graduate has spent more than one full school year with substitute teachers? Built on the positive, proven approach to student behavior advocated in CHAMPS, Stepping In: A...
  • A guide for administrators and teachers that aids in the creation and implementation of a Substitute Teacher Development Plan.

    Structuring Success for Substitutes
    A companion volume to Stepping In: A Substitute's Guide to Managing Classroom Behavior, this book guides administrators, faculty, and staff through creating and implementing a Substitute Teacher Development Plan for...